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Flashcut Software Updates

We are pleased to offer you our valued customer a page where you can keep your software updated to the newest version so that you can make sure that all software fixes are in place. The 3 versions below are available to users “but” not the version upgrades. So if you have version 6 as an example, you cannot run version 7 without paying for an upgrade which is available for a nominal fee as shown below;

Ver 5/6 standard —> ver 7 standard – $525.00 Cdn + taxes

Ver 5/6 standard —> ver 7 PRO – $1450.00 Cdn + taxes

Ver 5/6 Pro —> ver 7 PRO – $525.00 Cdn + taxes

PLEASE NOTE: You must update your offline spare computer at the same time you update your machine computer otherwise you will have a conflict error when trying to work with CAD drawings.

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