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HVAC Software- Fab-Cut® Systems Inc.

"Custom Fabricated CNC Plasma Cutting Systems To Meet Your Everyday Needs"

SDS QuickDuct CAM Master

The power you need with the features you want!

QuickDuct CAM Master’s powerful features take the manual effort out of laying out and tooling industrial fittings. It includes all you need to create everything from the most basic fitting to the most complex imaginable.

A complete rectangle, round and flat oval fitting library gives you everything you need to design, input, nest, and cut your fittings jobs.

Now with our new “Fly-Out Window” user interface.

By using powerful Windows’ features, our new Fitting Palette makes it easy to select your fittings, input the dimensions, quantity and material type, and then see an actual 3D preview of the fitting and the 2D flat layout of the parts. One click of the auto-nest button nests the parts to optimize material usage and then you can view the nested plates as they will be cut.

You can even modify the finished patterns for special applications by using our powerful “Workbench” drawing tool. You can place holes, chop pieces, scale or stretch them, and even merge two fittings for a one of a kind fitting.

Fab-Cut® Systems has chosen this leading Cam ductwork software because it works well with the FlashCut CNC software package. This allows your systems flexibility in being able to easily design and cut out your HVAC sheet metal fittings but also easily design and cut out standard everyday parts needed for your shop or for your customers.

Fab-Cut HVAC Cutting

Fab-Cut® HVAC Cutting

Fab-Cut® Systems offers both water tables and downdraft tables for all of our HVAC and sheet metal customers. All of our downdraft tables have two front doors to access two removable panels to clean out your table of small parts and scrap. The rear of the table, we have 2 x 10″ exhaust tubes to ensure excellent air flow capacity up to 6000+ cfm.

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Fab-Cut® Systems Inc manufactures; The Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting table to meet the needs of our large variety of customers. Fab-Cut can provide CNC Plasma cutting tables for most welding, machining, fabrication, agricultural, HVAC, equipment, router, pipe, sheet metal, body & cabinet shops.