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Fab-Cut® Systems Customer Success Stories

Our team at Fab-Cut® Systems are proud to bring forward this section where customers can share with you the success they are having with our Fab-Cut® systems. We kept hearing how much they were enjoying the equipment and how they found the software easy to learn and use so we wanted to share their stores with you. We also wanted a way for them to offer potential customers in their region a chance to know what they had to offer in design or cutting services. Some of our customers really have amazed us with what they are manufacturing and it excites us to share this all with you. Over the next few weeks we will be adding to this section so check back regularly.

In response to my purchase of a 5×10 Plasma table from Rene and the team at Fab-Cut®, I have struggled to find the right words to show my appreciation. The journey to purchase a plasma table started months before I finally decided to reach out and contact Fab-Cut® and am I ever glad that I did. Most companies I contacted prior to Fab-Cu®t only really seemed interested in making the sale, not being there to support you after. I ask a lot of questions as cnc plasma cutting is a fairly new concept to me. Rene took the time to patiently explain the concept and really showed me that he is not only very knowledgeable but that he and his team will do what it takes to get you the answer you need and the quality you expect.

After finally committing to the purchase of my table, it arrived carefully packaged and looking impressive. I opted to assemble my table myself and found that the table went together very simply, and making sure the table was level and true didn’t take too much effort, just some patience. (any questions and Rene would answer). Once the table was assembled the real learning began! I have 20 years experience as a pressure welder/fabricator/artist with next to no computer training (you’re lucky I can type this e-mail) so there was a lot of x,y,z, what? cad who? cam where? dxf file? No I only have half round files in my tool box. Import files? Do I need a shipping company for that? Cut and paste? where the heck are my scissors and glue? Boy did I have fun learning the lingo. (It wasn’t that bad at all, actually quite simple) But through it all Rene, Cindy, Eric and the rest of the team patiently and kindly helped with any issue that arose. The very first day the table was together I made my first cut and I just grinned from ear to ear. Smooth, clean, and fast! What an excellent experience!

I have been 100% satisfied with my purchase from Fab-Cut® and have been able to turn out some amazing projects! The table is sturdy and the quality is really noticeable from the parts used in manufacturing to the fabricating of the table themselves. I have been turning out quality cuts for over a year now that meet my exacting standards. I have included some photos of some of my work for you to scrutinize. Without a doubt in my mind I would not hesitate to recommend Rene and his team at Fab-Cut®! Excellent job Fab-Cut®! Keep up the great work

Thank you for all the support, 


Stephen Walski
Twisted Torch,
LoMad Ventures Ltd.


Cnc Plasma Metal Art Fab-Cut
Cnc Plasma Metal Art Fab-Cut
Cnc Plasma Metal Art Fab-Cut

CplC / MCpl Alain Beaulieu, CD

Good day Mr. Barnes,

The CNC plasma table works great! I would like to thank you for your support provided thru the whole process.
I would like also, to highlight and thanks the outstanding service provided by Sebastien and Eric on site. The training was very well deliver and easy to understand. They took time to answer all our questions and our team appreciate their ‘’easy to talk’’ personality.

Once again, thank you!

CplC / MCpl Alain Beaulieu, CD

Pierre Lafrance

In March 2018, I purchased a C&C gantry kit from Fab-Cut®. From the first phone call at the company, I was impressed with the service. An actual person answered my call ( not an automated answering service) and I was directed to the owner of the company, Mr René Barnes. He patiently answered my many questions and advised me of my options. After weighing my options, I decided on a 4X4 gantry kit. With the plans submitted by Mr Barnes, I proceeded to build the base table and water pan for the kit. When time came, I drove from Ottawa to Kingston to pick up my kit. I was greeted by Mr Barnes himself and he gave me a course on how to put together my table and gantry kit and a course on how to use the software that came with the C&C. With all this new knowledge,I drove back home and put everything together. Then I called Fab-Cut® and Mr Barnes logged on with me on the laptop provided in the kit and we set everything up in no time at all. Its been 5 months since I got the table and I could not be happier with the table and the excellent service I have received from the team at Fab-Cut®. Of course it’s a learning process but anytime I had questions, I called Fab-Cut® and got answers immediately again from a real and knowledgeable person. In these days of hard to find service, I am very happy to have found a company that puts service first. Thanks Fab-Cut®.

PS the table and software work great and I use it almost every day in my fabrication and machine shop.

Pierre Lafrance
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Warren’s Dream Car Garage Inc.

In August of 2015 my son approached me about broadening my business with doing customized signage, etc using a plasma table. This had never really crossed my mind as my experience lies in the autobody industry. I agreed that this may be something that would be a great add on as we would work together, he doing the custom artwork and myself doing the finishing touches. In his excitement he started researching and came across CorridAir/Fab-Cut®‘s website. From there, everything else happened quickly. September 2015 an order was placed for a Plasma table, computer, clipart program, etc. after Rene Barnes called me regarding my interest in their product.

Rene Barnes, President and GM of CorridAir/Fab-Cut® has been outstanding. There were a few “hiccups” along the way but staff and the aftermarket support staff has been there for us to solve some of the issues that came to light.

Our work thus far has been by referral which includes made to order lit signs, name plates, customized cabin signs, logos, suspension components, engine mounts and bracketry. Our customers have been exceptionally pleased with the quality, paint and detailed attention that we have put into the construction of each piece and at an affordable price. We have manufactured pieces from steel, aluminum and stainless. Our goal is to undeniably expand the plasma business in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

For more information on customizing plasma work in the Saskatoon area contact:

Warren’s Dream Car Garage Inc.
Warren Weinert
Saskatoon, SK

Fab-Cut Customer Warrens Dream Car Garage

Infinity Metalworks;

Where do we even start with Fabcut! What an amazing experience. We did quite a bit of research, and Rene’ and his team stood out from the beginning. I emailed him a list of questions and he preferred to just call us and explain. We were talking about the pros and cons of his table verses another ones in the industry and he was able to meet or exceed every concern we had. He even took the time to FaceTime with us and show us his staff and full operation; very impressive. Once we purchased the table and got it home, we received nothing but support with any issues we had. We have had our fair share of hiccups and Rene’ either always had the answers or knew where to get them. The table and gantry is strong, sturdy and reliable. Features we really appreciate is extra room between cutting surface and gantry. This allows us to utilize our table for cutting thicker materials and box tubing. We are brand new to the CNC world and found the Flash Cut system very user friendly. The support from Rene’ and the Flash Cut team really pulls the purchase all together. I will recommend this company over and over again. Thank you FabCut!

For more information on customizing plasma work in the Saskatoon area contact:

Infinity Metalworks
Marlow & Paige Killian
Weyburn, SK

Fab-Cut Customer Infinity Metalworks

Reid Gibbons;

After having nothing but problems with Arclights mach3 based system from day one I had enough. I contacted Rene Barns at Fab-Cut Systems Inc, based out of Ontario, Canada and he set me up with a flashcut retro fit. The hardest part of the whole setup was setting up the internet at my shop so the guys at Fab-cut could remotely connect to configure everything software wise.

Couldn’t be happier and the table has never cut so well, plus the convenience of being able to simply plug in my laptop via USB to run the system has made work flow way simpler.

More to come on the retro fit!

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