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The Importance of Clean, Dry Compressed Air for Air Plasma Cutting

For consumable parts a typical shielded plasma torch has an electrode, a nozzle, and a shield. Many other torches are unshielded with an exposed nozzle and an electrode. The two consumable parts in any plasma torch that wear most rapidly are the electrode and the nozzle. The electrode is the negative side of the plasma arc; the material being cut is the positive side. The torch nozzle is at positive potential at the beginning of each cut in order to get the pilot arc started (an arc between the electrode and the nozzle that is forced through the nozzle orifice by air pressure); then, if the torch is within striking distance of the plate, the arc transfers from the nozzle to the plate, and at this point the nozzle is electrically “floating,” and the function of the nozzle is to constrict and create the cylindrical shape for the arc, as well as to increase the velocity of the arc. Read More

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