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CAD/CAM/CNC Software

CAD/CAM/CNC Software

Fab-Cut® Systems is pleased to now offer upgrades to Torchmate and Kickass CNC plasma table owners.

If you own or are looking to purchase a used system from one of these manufacturers then we can easily replace your computer, controller and software with an upgraded system that make the plasma table operate better than it ever has. Our easy to learn and use all in one CAD/CAM/CNC software makes it so easy to quickly design your parts, next them and then cut them out in a matter of minutes. We have already done numerous conversions and our customers are very happy with the upgrades.

We also offer THC (torch height control) that is fully integrated with the system so everything works easily with each other and takes very little management when cutting out your parts. Our robust THC lifter can handle all sizes of plasma torches and you can even add an Oxy/Fuel torch for cutting thick pieces of metal on your existing table. You can also easily add a router if you want to work with plastics or wood.

If you are interested in a quote then proceed to our Quotes page and fill in your contact info and we will connect with you and work out an affordable upgrade package for you.

Upgrade Your Older Oxy/Fuel or Plasma Tables

It is easier than you think to upgrade your old systems with a couple of options available. We can upgrade your motors and controllers, computer and our easy to use 3in1 CAD/CAM/CNC software including all new cabling or you can simple install a turnkey custom sized gantry kit to fit on your old table. We can offer upgrades to many brands in the marketplace like Koike, Machitech, Esab, Messer, EZ Cut, PlasmaCam, Fastcut CNC and many smaller manufacturers in the marketplace. If you are currently using a Mach 3 software platform then you would find that upgrading to our Flashcut 3in1 CAD/CAM/CNC software is so much easier to learn and use.  As an example, below is an older cantilever system and the customer installed our linear conversion kit right on their old water table and now they have a new system rocking and ready to go. Give us a call to find out how easy it is to do. With the new upgrade you can add and oxy/fuel package and any of our standard plasma systems.



Before Fabcut Upgrade

Before Fab-Cut® Upgrade


After Fab-Cut Upgrade

After Fab-Cut® Upgrade

For existing owners of Kickass Machines

Kickass machines were formerly from Edmonton, Alberta and we offer an easy upgrade solution for you. You can keep your existing stepper motors or we will help you upgrade your cables, controller, computer and CAD/CAM/CNC software. You may currently own a manual adjusted torch height control using a hand pendent and that will work with our system but we highly suggest upgrading to our automatic torch height control for easier handling and better quality cuts.

Kickass Table

Kickass Table

Torchmate 4x4
Torchmate 4×4

For Torchmate owners,

if you have a system that was purchased after 2009 or before December 2015, we can easily upgrade your software and operating system so that you have the most updated operating available. Please note that the all in one CAD/CAM/CNC is “NOT AVAILABLE” from Torchmate as you are running version 4.0 software and we will upgrade you to the powerful version 7.0 software.

For newer designed Torchmate systems, you can also easily upgrade to a reliable easy to use controller and software system and we can help you with that. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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