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Controller Options - Fab-Cut® Systems

"Custom Fabricated CNC Plasma Cutting Systems To Meet Your Everyday Needs"

THE PLASMA INDUSTRY LEADER. The FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC software provides our Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting tables the turn-key controls for machines of any size with our complete line of digital steppers or servo controls and motors for new tables, upgrades, or retrofits.  FlashCut CNC’s world-class controls and software drive your table with ease.



  • Complete retrofits kits available with controls, motors, cables and software
  • Integrated CAD/CAM with true shape nesting
  • Integrated Torch Height Control
  • Plug and Play Controls with digital servo or advanced micro-stepping
  • Easily tailored to any type of drive mechanism – including ball screw, rack, and pinion and belt


Fab-Cut Controllers and Accessories
Fab-Cut® Tables Include Flashcut CNC Controllers and Motors

Fab-Cut® 4’x8′ H.D. ProSteel plasma cutting table controller

  • 4 & 5 Axis, 5 amp Compact Microstepping CNC Controller
  • Includes Integrated USB Signal Generator
  • 5 amp 454 oz Triple Stack Microstepping Drive Modules
  • I/O Ports, 42V DC Power Supply
  • FlashCut CNC Software and Documentation
  • THC (torch height control) integration
Fab-Cut 5 amp Compact Microstepping CNC Controller
Fab-Cut® 5 amp Compact Microstepping CNC Controller

Fab-Cut® H.D. ProSteel HD 5′, 6′, and 8′ wide plasma cutting table controller

  • 4 & 5 Axis, 8 amp Compact Microstepping CNC Controller
  • Includes Integrated USB Signal Generator
  • 8 amp 940 oz Microstepping Drive Modules
  • Available in 2303 or 3401 Series Stepper Motor Sizes
  • I/O Ports, 70 VDC Power Supply
  • FlashCut CNC Software and Documentation
  • THC (torch height control) integration
FlashCut 3 in 1 CAD/CAM/CNC Software
Fab-Cut® 8 amp Compact Microstepping CNC Controller

Titanium Stepper/Servo CNC Console


  • All-in-one ergonomic industrial CNC control console with sealed steel construction
  • 25A digital sinusoidal or trapezoidal PID servo for up to 5 axes of motion control
  • Integrated 19.5″ industrial touch screen with integrated Intel Core I3 PC
  • Pedestal mounting with bottom access to all connections reducing exposed cabling on the machine.
  • Hinged top access for easy maintenance.
  • Configurable for over 10 external control switches including E-Stop, Cycle Start, Feed Hold, Jogging Joy Stick, File Load, Output Line Control
  • Optional Integrated plasma torch height control follows the sheet surface at the precise height
  • Made in the USA
Fab-Cut 12 amp Peak Pro-Series Servo CNC Controller

All New Computer Stand and Controller For Kjellberg Plasma Systems

THC (Torch Height Control)

PRECISION & SHARP DETAIL AT ANY SPEED. FlashCut Integrated THC adjusts the Z-axis height thousands of times/second. Maintain a precise distance between the plasma torch and your work.  Any pattern, any speed, producing smooth edges, sharp details, and high precision.  Warped stock, bent stock, and corrugated sheet stock are handled with ease.

FlashCut THC controller package advantages to THC integration on our Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting tables:

  • One control system for all axes motor control
  • Every axis is known at the microsecond level
  • Real-time THC control during feed rate changes to prevent unwanted material diving
  • THC samples the setpoint voltage at the perfect height for clean, accurate cuts
  • Optimal nozzle control and tracking results in better nozzle life
  • Cut wizard auto-sets THC values based on material parameters
  • Anti-collision protection

The THC is exclusively designed to fit or retrofit to all existing controllers based on FlashCut’s unique USB Signal Generator.  The THC system contains a controller card, a voltage isolation box, stepper or servo drive and motor pair.  Optional Z-axis lifter with magnetic breakaway takes you to a new level of integration. All Fab-Cut® gantry or plasma cutting tables utilize this reliable system as part of our standard equipment.

Choose from 1 – 3 Torches on Your Table!

Or add a spindle router to your gantry

Control Pendant with Joystick

This 24-function and 8 direction joystick pendant allows you to control your machine from wherever you need to be. It is specially programmed to take advantage of commonly used functions in FlashCut such as Jogging, Point Moves, Setting Zero, Controlling Your Program, Homing, and Turning on and off your Spindle. It can also be easily programmed from the FlashCut software interface for any special function that you need for your application. It connects to your PC using a 10′ USB cable (included). It also includes a clear, flexible cover to keep the chips away from the keys without losing any functionality.

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Fab-Cut® Systems Inc manufactures; The Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting table to meet the needs of our large variety of customers. Fab-Cut can provide CNC Plasma cutting tables for most welding, machining, fabrication, agricultural, HVAC, equipment, router, pipe, sheet metal, body & cabinet shops.