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Using Oxy/Fuel cutting on our Fab-Cut CNC plasma cutting tables

Using Oxy/Fuel cutting on our Fab-Cut CNC plasma cutting tables

Oxy/Fuel Option

Fab-Cut is pleased to offer the options of oxy/fuel cutting on our CNC plasma cutting tables. We use the Esab machine cutting torch and the Victor Edge regulators as our choice of equipment. If you select this option and we manufacture your water table, we will supply you with a 5″ deep water table instead of our standard 3″ deep table.

Is oxy-fuel or plasma the best choice for mild steel parts?

This is a question often asked by fabricators and steel service centers looking into the purchase of a new machine: should they buy a plasma cutting machine or an oxy-fuel burning machine? Another question frequently posed: should I cut this part with oxy-fuel or with plasma? Of course, this debate is limited only to those who only work with mild steel, since oxy-fuel won’t cut stainless or aluminum plate.

The traditional answer used to be that anything thicker than 1 inch should be cut with oxy-fuel, but advancements in plasma cutting over the past few decades have pushed that technology all the way to the 3 inch mark. However, just because it can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

As of February 2018, all oxy/fuel packages will now included a electrically controlled lifter on all of our new systems. This means you will be purchasing a 5 axis HD controller to manage all the motor controls.

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