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Pipe Cutting Software

                                                                                                                                                                  Pipe Cutting Software

FlashCut CNC’s new pipe cutting software makes designing custom pipes and pipe joints a snap.  Go from design to cutting precision round pipe in minutes. There is no limit on pipe diameter and can be used with either our stepper or servo controls. Pipe shape wizard makes perfect cuts for mating pipes of any diameter with a multitude of joints at any angle and any size including T joints, end caps, miter joints, Y joints and through pipes.

  • Pipe sizing wizard automatically sets OD, and thickness of standard pipe sizes
  • 3D solid model design of pipe joints includes disassembly to preview what both sides of the joint will look like.
  • Flattened view allows for easy design of custom patters of any shape including slots and text
  • “Ghost 2D views” show feature wrapping with no interruption.
  • Fully rotatable solid model view
  • Pipe nesting of multiples of the same or different parts.
  • Toolpath automatically generated in CAM
  • Simple graphical manipulation of lead ins and lead outs in CAM
  • Embedded Cut charts precisely set feedrates, cut heights, pierce times and target voltages for any size pipe.
  • G-Code automatically generated and loaded into CNC module
  • Full 3 D visualization of rotary toolpath in CNC module while pipe is being cut.
Pipe Cutting Controller

                                                                                                                                                                                           Pipe Cutting Controller

Our software and controls have been an industry leader for many reasons including:

  • Easy to use, ergonomic user interface with all of the controls at your fingertips
  • Complete OS integration enabling you to use any modern 32 or 64 bit version of Windows including 7, 8 and 10 via a USB port.
  • Seamless communication with our Signal Generator which has three dedicated microprocessors doing parallel processing to generate precision-timed, uninterrupted motion signals to drive up to five stepper or digital servo drives with full simultaneous multi-axis interpolation.
  • Tight coupling of output, input and motor lines on the microsecond level.

    Application specific software targeting the following cutting technologies:
    Plasma – Design and cut precision parts within minutes. Fully integrated Stingray® torch height control, integrated cut charts and direct communications with the plasma, and automated vent zones are just a few reasons that make FlashCut the world leader in plasma controls.

    • Waterjet –  Go from design to toolpath to full CNC control for waterjet including advanced cornering, pump and abrasive controls. Pre-pierce at low pressure for delicate materials such as glass and marble. Advanced cutting formula automatically calculates feedrates and kerf for given material properties.
    • Oxyfuel – All of the gas and ignition controls are at your fingertips from preheat to pierce to XY cutting. Precision gas control makes sharp, accurate cuts. Cut charts for leading brands of oxyfuel torches takes the guesswork out of kerfs and feedrates.
    • Laser – Advanced laser control automatically adjusts the laser power level with feedrate including acceleration and deceleration. Easily import or draw precision parts and create toolpaths instantly wit
    • Mill/Router – Go from design to toolpath to cutting intricate, accurate parts with full 3, 4 and 5 axis simultaneous interpolated motion.
Fab-Cut Pipe Cutting Software
Fab-Cut Pipe Cutting Software

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