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A-SERIES Air Plasma

Introducing the next generation of Automated Systems from Thermal Dynamics®. The A-Series offers standard features for our plasma cutting tables the ability to meet the needs of many automated applications.
  • A powerful 80% Duty Cycle to handle all-day production cutting in the toughest environments
  • Light-weight, compact design and convenient mounting feet allow for easy mounting in any application
  • Valve in torch design reduces cycle time between parts and increases productivity
  • CNC Interface connection is located on the rear of the power supply offering “Start/Stop”, and “OK to MOVE” signals
  • Full arc voltage is available using an internal terminal connection
  • Software automatically detects the torch that is attached and switches between automation and manual modes
  • Dedicated automation software improves cycle time and performance in many applications
The new A-Series includes the SL100®SV 1Torch® with standard ATC Quick Disconnect in lengths of 25 ft. (7.6 m), 35 ft. (10.7 m) and 50 ft. (15.2 m) (Longer torch leads up to 100 ft. (30.5 m) available). Our 1Torch start technology eliminates the electronic interference that can occur with other designs. 1Torch provides quick, reliable starts and a strong pilot arc to pierce heavy plate. With auto-pilot restart, it can also cut expanded metal quickly and easily. With all the advantages of 1Torch and proven reliability, the new automated A-Series delivers the best in productivity, precision and performance on our Fab-Cut CNC plasma cutting tables.
New Thermal Arc A-Series Air Plasma
New Thermal Arc A-Series Air Plasma

Superior Quality at All Amperages

Whether you are fabricating thick plate or cutting ornamental shapes on our plasma cutting tables, the Automation Series is perfect for the job. At 120 Amp output, the A120 produces the BEST CUT on 1/2″ 12 mm) mild steel plate at 70 IPM (1.86 m/min). For those cutting intricate shapes, select low amperage tips for kerf widths less than 0.045 (1.14 mm) wide. Whether you cut plate, HVAC duct work or ornamental shapes, the A-Series is right for you.

Download the A-Series family of plasma cutters below:

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