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Thermal Arc Ultra-Cut XT plasma cutting system
Thermal Arc Ultra-Cut XT plasma cutting system

iCNC Performance

Integrated plasma systems have revolutionized the high-end, high-capacity, automated plasma cutting industry. Today Thermal Dynamics’ iCNC Performance makes it possible to build low-cost machines with high-end, professional performance that until now have been unavailable. It’s a true industry Game Changer.


· Thin panel mount unit 430 mm x 500 mm x 70 mm (W17” x H20” x D3”)
· 15” Touch Screen
· Operator panel for plasma, oxy-fuel & auxiliary functions
· Built-in Wi-Fi
· 3-Axis drive outputs (both analog & step/direction)
· 3 encoder inputs
· Power input 24 VDC

Ultra-Cut® XT Systems

The new Ultra-Cut® XT technology provides the next generation of higher productivity, increased flexibility and confidence in high precision plasma cutting on our Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting tables. Ultra-Cut® XT systems give you the flexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superior quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. The new Ultra-Cut® XT systems deliver the next step in flexibility and reliability in heavy plate cutting applications when coupled with our Fab-Cut® HD plasma cutting tables.

Ultra-Cut® 200 XT & 300 XT systems deliver premium cut performance on both mild steel and non-ferrous metals. These power supplies are designed for reliable, low cost operation. Features like the XT™ 300 consumable parts cartridge and the Machine Status Message Center make these models easy to operate.

  • Flexibility to Cut Thick or Thin on All Kinds Of Metals
  • Cut Fast with Air-Air
  • Maximum Productivity with Reliability and Ease
  • XT 300-Torch Technology
  • Full Featured Gas Control
  • Water Mist Secondary (WMS) Optimizes Non Ferrous Metal cutting

Ready to weld ¼’ and ½” aluminum using H20/N2 process

Clean cuts on S.S. using H20/N2 cutting process

Clean aluminum cut edges using H20/N2 process

Clean cuts with oxy/air on thick plate

Clean consistent cuts on steel

Ultra Cut XT 300 Cut Sample

Clean cuts on S.S. using H20/N2 cutting process

Heavy Cut - Cut Sample Reflection

Fab-Cut Ultra-Cut Bevel Comparison
Fab-Cut Xt Torch Technology for Maximum Performance

XT Torch Consumables

Increased Parts Life Helps Profitability

Unnecessary part changes can cost time and money while a machine is down. High quality consumables reduce downtime, allowing shops to increase their productivity.
Quality consumables guarantee that each cut will be precise, smooth and clean. Consumables that have a longer life will result in a reduction of downtime and increased ROI.
Thermal Dynamics® Automation’s XTremeLife technology delivers the long consumable parts life and high precision cut quality on mild steel that shops want. It delivers excellent consumable parts life over the entire cutting range.
XTremeLife consumables are made to fit the precision XT-Torch. The XT-Torch makes changing cartridges fast and easy—a couple of twists and the unique retaining collar threads release the cartridge. And unlike other torches, no tools are required to change either the torch consumables or major components in the torch head. Downtime is reduced to seconds and you change from one process to another or from one application to another quickly and easily.
Lost production time. Redoing cuts. The price for not using high-quality consumables is more than just the cost of the part itself.
For a better return on investment, look to Thermal Dynamics Automation. High-quality, long-lasting consumables are just a few of the many True Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics Automation product line.
Higher-quality, longer life parts reduce downtime and quickly switch from one application to another without changing parts
Offers precision cuts on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials
Typical System: We use on our Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting tables the Ultra-Cut® XT 100, 200, 300, 400 XT-Torch

Water mist cutting of aluminum and stainless

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