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Fab-Cut® Systems

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  • Toll Free: 1-844-575-4500
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The Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting table to meet the needs of our large variety of customers. Fab-Cut® can provide CNC Plasma cutting tables for most welding, machining, fabrication, agricultural, HVAC, equipment, router, pipe, sheet metal, body & cabinet shops.

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    Fab-Cut Gantry

    Fab-Cut® Gantry

    ProAlum 4x4 PreFabricated Package

    Fab-Cut® ProAlum 4×4 PreFabricated Package

    Fab-Cut ProSteel H.D. Modular 5x10

    Fab-Cut® ProSteel H.D. Modular 5×10

    Fab-Cut ProSteel HD Hi-Def Series Table

    Fab-Cut® ProSteel HD Hi-Def Series Table