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"Custom Fabricated CNC Plasma Cutting Systems To Meet Your Everyday Needs"

Tech Educators Resources

This portion of the website is for all Educators who have purchased a system for their schools or already have a system and want to learn more about tips and tricks for CNC cutting, table maintenance, cutting charts, software upgrades, service manuals, and 28+ Flashcut CNC software training videos for those schools that own a Fab-Cut® CNC system. We are committed to ensure that you can have a 1 stop easy access to information important to you and your classroom. These pages are password protected so please contact us below for your password to access this valuable information.

We also have the Tech Educator Forum where Educators can share their projects, learn from other Educators and be able to learn more about options open to them when considering purchasing a CNC system whether for wood or plasma cutting. You can also learn from others in how you might be able to upgrade an existing system while working with a limited budget.

Fab-Cut Useful Videos

Useful Videos

Fab-Cut® University Videos includes Flashcut CNC training videos on a variety of different topics for Flashcut CNC software.

Fab-Cut Useful Documents

Useful Documents

Fab-Cut® University Docs includes useful documents including: DIY Table Designs, Metal Working Charts, Maintenance Tips and more!

Fab-Cut Useful Documents

Tech Educator Forum

Fab-Cut® University Forum is a place to contribute and learn from other educated individuals.

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