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Fab-Cut® Systems Warranty

Effective April 1st/2019, all of the Fab-Cut® plasma tables come with a standard two year warranty on all non consumable parts. Additionally there is a one year warranty on the controller as well as the motors and 1 year on control cables. Hypertherm and Cutmaster plasma power supplies have a standard three year warranty on all of their air plasma machines with a one year warranty on their torch and torch leads. All Fab-Cut® cutting systems come with a business class computer that have three years warranty. Fab-cut® offers two years of free software upgrades (within the same version) and 2 years no charge technical support by phone or internet for both training and technical support. For more warranty information offered by our suppliers please click the links below.

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Fab-Cut® Systems Inc manufactures; The Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting table to meet the needs of our large variety of customers. Fab-Cut can provide CNC Plasma cutting tables for most welding, machining, fabrication, agricultural, HVAC, equipment, router, pipe, sheet metal, body & cabinet shops.